Sunday, September 24, 2017

Devastation in Tenancingo

Saturday the 23rd another quake hit Mexico, we did not feel that one, but the quake on the 19th was the most devastating.  People's nerves are on edge as the death toll has climbed to over 300. The people in our town have gone about their work the best they can as cleanup operations continue. The people of Mexico pull together in a crisis like this, food and water are distributed to the needy and you can see truck loads of goods heading to the worst spots hit.   

This was once a house 
now its a pile of rubble

This church, Diócesis de Tenancingo, sustained heavy damage as seen is these photos

The older buildings took the most damage

Capilla de Jesús Catholic Church
note the crack in the dome

A family cleans up what's left of their house

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